Who is david duchovny dating now

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Believe it or not, the reboot's debut managed to pull in 16.19 million viewers — that's a higher rating than what the final two seasons of the original series were able to achieve!

“My marriage and my family is one of the happiest parts of the history of my life,” says Duchovny. I don’t understand why people try to rewrite their history.” And thanks to their children, West, 15, and Miller, 12, Duchovny and Leoni – who is dating actor Tim Daly – are closer than ever. “We live five blocks away from each other,” he says. “One of the nicest things Téa has said to me is that the fact that West has a nice young man is a testament to you as a dad.

I don’t know if that’s true, but it was nice to say, and I choose to believe it!

The classic Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny sci-fi series went off the air way back in 2002 when network television ratings were at an all-time high…

But not everyone in the OG cast is set to return — original cast members not featured on the cast list include Lara Flynn Boyle and Piper Laurie…Oh well, who needs Donna Hayward or Catherine Martell with all that fresh meat! The new series, which will pick up decades after the original 1991 run, and will premiere sometime in 2017! book series — a pair of young adult novels following a 15-year-old Dana Scully and a 17-year-old Fox Mulder — is hitting shelves soon!The two novels will be set in the spring of 1979, and will follow the teens as they experience life changing events that ultimately lead them to become the agents on the cult TV show. But there’s one path he says he’s not likely to revisit.“I don’t think I want to be married again,” says Duchovny, who was divorced from Téa Leoni last year. ” The actor, 54, still sports a tattooed wedding band (“I’m not going to cut my finger off,” he jokes) but says he doesn’t have any regrets about his past. ” There’s more uncharted territory in store for Duchovny soon as West prepares to get her driver’s license. “She’s so responsible and such a great kid.” Duchovny even approves of West’s boyfriend: “He’s terrific,” says the actor.

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