Vba conditional formatting not updating

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Top Cell and Range objects helps to reading and writing the data from worksheet.Now we will look into Rows and Columns of the Worksheet, helps to show or hide the data. And finding the Last row, or columns in the worksheet in different situations. Here you can find creating new workbook, opening, closing and saving workbook. Top Hyperlinks are most widely used concepts in Excel.Subscribe to our new channel and keep learning with us!VBA Code Excel Macro Examples – Useful Macros, Codes, 100 How To explained for Basic Beginners to Advanced VBA users.As we know Data Validation feature improves the efficiency of data entry in excel and reduces mistakes and typing errors.

And then we have entered COUNTA function and have selected entire column A.Tutorials to learn Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Macros and Mastering in VBA.Selected examples to deal with different objects, methods and properties in Excel.In other words, say you are going to update the list frequently which you’ve taken in drop down list.And, you are thinking if you make any changes in the list, you need to modify the data validation every time in order to get the updated drop down list.

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