Updating firmware on canon 40d

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I downloaded a copy via this route (it needed the serial number above) The easiest approach is to download a disk image for a newer camera.It’s the same disk image Once again you may need a serial number, since the s/n for our old EOS 1Ds was not recognised.You can now install any further software update, without having the original installed, or going through this process.Update for ZB6.3.1 – To install Zoom Browser 6.3.1, the registry key: I’m told that this is an installable version of DPP that should just install compatibility guide [PDF] See also latest software [Canon] Includes Canon Windows 7 compatability info for printers and scanners too.There is no Windows type registry to edit as such in Mac OS X.There are a number of techniques for installing the software if you’ve no CD, but they do vary as Canon seems to change the install process every so often.Please don’t call us for disks – We can’t directly supply software!Updates/disk images for your camera can be downloaded from Canon sites.

so you will need the latest version for your camera and computer type.Since the updaters contain full versions of the software, it’s possible to convince the installer that the software is already installed by adding appropriate hkeys to your windows registry.Note that the items you need to enter depends on the version of windows you are using – do read right through the information below to make sure what you are doing is clear.You need to download the software before you can continue with the installation process.First of all, you might be able to find an images of the install disk.

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