Updating firefox on acer aspire one how to watch sex and the city online

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Hey gerry mate the BIOS is a piece of firmware that is it is not strictly software that can be changed at will. You really need to be so careful when redoing the BIOS as you can flog the board to death so to speak.Take a look at this BIOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Now I have known of folks that "flash" the BIOS and wreck it and hence the mobo.Fighting evil Winner: Firefox Ad-blocking isn't just handy on a netbook: with so little screen space to play with, it's essential.With extensions ranging from Ad Block Plus to Greasemonkey, Firefox wins this by a country mile.

If all you care about is web application performance then we'd go for Chrome: Safari's slightly faster, but Chrome's 'Create application shortcuts' option enables you to create stand-alone windows without all the browser bits. The small screen means you're less tolerant of too-big browser interfaces, and the relatively slow processors mean performance is paramount - especially if, like many netbook users, you're using cloud computing and browser-based apps.Changing browser isn't an option: Windows XP is an old OS, and you need a modern browser to access modern sites and to keep you safe. We put IE8 RC1, Firefox 3.1b3, Safari 4 beta and Chrome through their paces on our trusty Samsung NC-10.For everything else, though, Firefox wins by a mile.I failed in updating the BIOS as per Acer's instructions, and now I have a bricked PC.

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