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Above the telluric and chthonic power of the bass and the drums, the guitars soar high, flowing like a never-ending stream of pure black light.All four elements combined in one ascending force: if “Finsternis” was an abyss, this one is a megalith, the ultimate sonic trip.Hadjioannou is a master of tension here, somehow wiring his rhythm with the feeling that the band is always on the verge of explosion or implosion.Guitarist Shantidas Riedacker and bassist Matthieu Canaguier do sometimes converge in outbursts of volume, but they mostly slink at the edges of the drums, fortifying the anxiety with unresolved guitar and basslines; it’s like tech metal walking a compositional tight rope.I mean, you can take this title as a bold and vaguely pretentious statement if you want to (and I’m sure a lot of people will), but this is a primitive record that doesn’t leave much room for egoistic assumptions, especially the ones posted on internet forums.And besides, even if it is a statement, it would totally and absolutely be justified considering the excellency of the record.That is, they treat this like heavy metal musicians.The inverse holds for the closer, “VIII”, a doomy monolith of cascading tones and unison chords.

This time, and because they never do the same thing twice, the french occult (sic) trio extraordinaire returns with an astonishing double LP featuring eight tracks of straight-up blackened psychedelic rock music." Consisting of eight hypnotic tracks of timeless and unclassifiable instrumental music, this quintessential double album summarizes and transcends all preceding aspects of the band's discography and offers new insight into the fundamental principles and formulas of ALUK TODOLO, permeating through other forms and resulting in an ultimate entheogenic ceremony.The production takes the side of fidelity in the transcription of the power trio's live energy and osmosis, revealing the individuality and roughness of each instrument and emphasizing the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual.So basically, we have here the perfect synthesis of all the core musical elements of the band who simply delivers here their best work to date.And looking back at their discography, that says a lot.

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