Too good looking for online dating

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I have to mention that I did get maybe a message or two from guys that seemed okay, but once I checked out their profiles, it didn’t seem like we had anything in common so I didn’t bother.

It gives everybody hope.” (Models at bars: like shooting fish in a barrel?  “The dude I’m seeing now is amazing and it took me months to make a move because I thought he was out of my league,” says O’Connell. I bought this new thing called confidence on Ebay a few months ago and it’s great.”" data-reactid="30"Something similar happened to Ryan O’Connell, the author of I’m Special and a writer on MTV’s Awkward.

I’ve thought girls were too good looking to approach, or dismissed the idea of potentially dating someone who I considered too hot for me, but that would never be the criteria by which I’d turn someone down.”Women could benefit from adopting a similar attitude (or, start searching e Bay, like O’Connell, for that confidence.) “It’s okay to assess someone [as too good-looking for you],” says Sussman. ” It’s important to ask yourself these questions because while plenty of extremely good-looking people are also kind and humble, you can’t rule out the possibility that it’s something about this person’s personality that’s making you feel lesser-than.

“But I wouldn’t automatically turn them down.” Sussman likens it to getting an exciting new job that you don’t quite feel qualified for: you might feel extra nervous on the first day, but you should probably still show up. However, if your hesitation has more to do with your own insecurity and fears, than Sussman says: go for it.

“If someone is too good-looking, too rich, too successful—it might make the average person uncomfortable.”The phenomenon, says Sussman, is by no means limited to women. “I have a lot of really beautiful female clients and they say no one asks them out—a beautiful girl at a bar, maybe there’s ten guys that want to buy her a drink but no one does because they’re intimidated.”David Coggins, a writer in New York, heartily agrees: “Of course beautiful women are intimidating.

It’s natural to feel that way and [you] probably should feel that way.” He also offers up this urban legend, eerily similar to Sussman’s hypothetical: “Every man has a story about a normal friend who went up to a model and asked her out and she said yes because nobody has the courage to do it.

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