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“One of the concepts that we had was that all of mankind is from the same place and I guess to make the characters feel like they were all one family.

So if you watch, the caveman [bodies] are the same as the modern-day characters’ [bodies],” noted Honey.

he Missouri Department of Transportation (Mo DOT) strives to balance historic preservation concerns with the task of planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the State’s complex transportation infrastructure.

Mo DOT’s Historic Preservation (HP) staff works to identify potential conflicts between the two and to help resolve them in the public interest.

The snap releases (FTP or cvsweb), anoncvs access, git, and Archives of the snap-users mailing-list are still available.

The historical archive of the KAME CVS repository is available at our FTP server.

Almost all of our implemented code has been merged to Free BSD and Net BSD.

The goal of Section 106 is to ensure that preservation values and the views of consulting parties and the public are factored into the planning process for all federally funded or permitted projects.

It provides assurance that agencies will assume responsibility and public accountability for their decisions when dealing with cultural resources, and specifically historic properties.

The HP staff ensures that no Mo DOT job is denied federal funds or permits due to lack of compliance with historic preservation regulations.

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires that Mo DOT consider the potential impacts that any federally funded or permitted project may pose to significant cultural resources.

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