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Both were young men who had served time for sex crimes against minors.As videotape rolled, one man told the audience about entering puberty with great sexual confusion.These claims are untested but do not sound unreasonable.True or false, they're another rationale for endless punishment. Rickard, a sociologist at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, recruited half a dozen former and very typical offenders, then asked them their life stories, including why they committed their crimes. She could have taken a prosecutorial or journalistic approach, cross-checking their stories with their criminal records, interviewing their prosecutors, maybe even calling in polygraphers. She wasn't interested in the legal factuality of the men's cases as much as she was in the stories they told.The young man served his time in prison, but then an effort began to "civilly commit" him to a locked mental hospital for sex offenders, probably for the rest of his life. One big trigger for that panic, Skenazy believes, is erroneous attitudes about sex offenders. Nevertheless, they get put on public sex offender registries, and residence restrictions banish them from parts of cities and even entire cities. They fear vigilantes visiting their addresses, which are publicized on the registry.

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They say they did wrong, and to Rickard they seem sincere.Her mother found out when she read the girl's diary.Another middle-aged man met his longtime friend's daughter, whom he hadn't seen since she was a child. One day they started kissing and fondling each other. He went into his 13-year-old stepdaughter's room, took two photographs of her genitalia, and mockingly showed them to his partner. These men lost their jobs and careers, served time in prison or on probation, were placed on sex-offender registries for decades, and were sent for years to sex-offender group therapy.He said he'd been raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, homeschooled, and kept isolated from other kids, including girls. ( ran video from it online, and Skenazy wrote about it in the July 2015 issue.) Skenazy has spent the past several years writing and speaking about what she feels is a modern-day panic about imagined danger to children.He talked about sexually touching his little sister, and he talked about being incarcerated for this offense while he himself was still a child. He is gay, and as a very young adult, he said, he began a relationship—including sex—with a gay teen younger than the legal age of consent. She talks about parents reluctant to let their kids roam the neighborhood, about children not allowed even to play on their lawns for fear of being kidnapped or molested. Department of Justice shows that the vast majority of sex offenders pose no further threat to children after they do their time.

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