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The primary type of gender variance in the crowd is a throwback to butch/femme of yesteryear, and I sometimes feel like a queer outsider at a straight bar at this party.

That being said, it is large, has way more age diversity than Sappho, and it tends to occur at roomy venues, which some consider a plus.

DJ Stef plays top ’40s and the dance floor is usually roomy (i.e. Hannah: While I appreciate that Impulse exists, I don’t necessarily feel like the attendees are “my homies,” so to speak.

Impulse fills a particular gap in the party scene, it’s just not my scene.

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When I first arrived, I hit up Ok Cupid constantly. My first gay friend in Pittsburgh was someone I randomly messaged on Facebook because I needed a ride to an Impulse party.Pittsburgh is known as The Steel City – but it also has an emerging arts scene and DIY culture.It is an incredibly affordable place to live and has been hailed as the “new Portland” although some are angling for it to be the next Hollywood.In any case, Pittsburgh is trying to BE something, we just haven’t figured out what yet.Casey: Although I grew up in Baltimore, I moved to Pittsburgh from Seattle exactly one year ago for graduate school at CMU.

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