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With the exception for a week or two here and there, Reynolds was with Lively and their daughters the entire time in Dublin, a production source involved with The Rhythm Section assures us.More importantly, the two are most definitely not “headed for a split,” nor are they “on the verge of publicly announcing the devastating news.” If anything, far from “fighting almost non-stop,” multiple sources tell Gossip Cop that the two are non-stop lovely dovey. Several sources swear up and down the latest NW article is 1,000 percent false.It’s hardly coincidental that Reynolds' career has taken a meteoric trajectory since bulking up for , so I had to gain muscle quickly.I was eating, like, live children as they passed in order to bulk up.” Nowadays, Reynolds says his training is more functional and less aesthetic. You want to still be able to get up after take 50 of falling off some ledge and landing on cement,” he says.If you wonder how tall Ryan Reynolds is, he stands at 6 feet 2, about 188 cm.Reynolds trained under the guidance from Darren Chapman.Rumor said he did not only gain 20 pounds of muscles, but also reduced his body fat percentage from 11% to 3%.Whether the body fat percentage was really 3%, which many doubted so, the point is to look at his workout regimen as well as his diet plan and learn something out from his transformation success.

So, he has one day for chest, back, shoulder, leg and arms.

Impossibilities like running the New York City marathon (at a time of 3 hours, 50 minutes).

Or climbing the 8,000' Machu Picchu, one of the fitness feats left on his to-do list.

Many dropped their jaws after seeing Reynolds’ solid body shape on the big screen.

Read on to learn his secret behind this successful change which took about 5 months.

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