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He was, and still is one of the heros of WWII that I have admired from the time I was old enough to read stories of our WWII fighter aces (5 confirmed aerial victories in the South Pacific). Name: Jim Garrow Dec 06, 2002 URL: Comments: Would be great to hear from anyone who also served at TSN these times, especially my unit.I am proud to have served at Tan Son Nhut with men like Franklin A. Please join with me in saluting his memory now, and all of the Pearl Harbor and WWII veterans we owe so much to. Barnette Dec 07, 2002 URL: Comments: I had the privage to guard Bob Hope's plane and the truck that they used for the stage on 12/24/1964. I was Staff Sgt who setup the Special Express Kentucky trailers used for bomb hauling from port to TSN and Bien Hoa. Would like to throw out a little story that happened at the end.He was KIA on the catwalk of the radar tower where the SP messhall was. Richard Sena, there has been a lot of speculation how he was killed, I just know what I saw. As the Vietnam War was back in the days before computer proliferation (sp? Blue Knights WA IV Biography: THE WEB MASTER: One of our members, Dan Mc Kegney submitted two photographs to be added the the Photo of the Month web page.), the vast majority of classified material was sent through ARFCOS accompanied by an Armed Forces Courier (ARFCO) or, in the case of highly classified stuff (also known as two-man control), two ARFCO's. If you have already been to that web page this month then please revisit it and look at the two added photographs located on the bottom.If I remember right they lived in what was an old Army camp called Camp Davis. Because of your efforts, in history, you all have contributed in making this country as great as it is. Such cancer is considered by the VA to be "service-connected" because of the Agent Orange sprayed in the Nam.Right now I am President of a Veterans Motorcycle Club. There are many other cancers, and more recently Diabetes Type 2 has been included, which are considered to be service-connected because of Agent Orange.Sometime around Christmas time in 1969, we had a rocket attack that hit on a line from one end of the base to the other. I am sorry I am not able to join right now, maybe later.

Tom Sutkaitis Career Enhancement Westover ARB, MA 01022 Name: Leon Thomasson Dec 20, 2002 URL: Comments: Thanks men for your work and dedication to the men and women that served at Saigon and other places in Nam. I have attempted to find out what happened to the MACV Hq and other Army buildings (annex, Tent City, all of the facilities) after the fall of Saigon. Name: John Hagler Dec 15, 2002 URL: Comments: I enjoy the entire site as well as the messages.

In country we travelled anyway we could and on any type conveyance we could get on. The URL is: Terry Klinzing Dec 07, 2002 URL: Comments: My older brother, Thomas Klinzing SGT USAF was killed 1/31/68 at Tan Son Nhut. He was a radar repairman and was either shot by a sniper or killed by shrapnel while working on a radar tower.

When combined with ARFCOSTA's in the Philippines, Thailand, Okinawa, Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii, it was quite a large and sophisticated organization. John Hagler RVN 1967/68 Name: Charlie Brooks Dec 10, 2002 URL: Comments: I was reviewing the Memorial Page and noticed an omission. Any help on the details or his friends would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to get some additional closure for him before he passes.

We have a Service Officer and assist Vets with their claims with the VA. Wilburn Mitchell Msgt USAF Ret FROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to introduce our newest members and they are: 1. Such a connection entitles a Viet Vet to disability compensation.

Anyway, Thought I wanted to part with that little bit of history. I Filled a lot of sand bags and put togeather a lot of 600 gallon drop tanks for the RF 4-C. Over the past couple of months, several posters to the Yahoo group for Viet Vets with prostate cancer have mentioned that they were unaware about their cancer being service-connected.

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