Nick wechsler revenge dating woodbine and dating with a cause

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Collider: When you think back to who Jack was when you started on this show, what most surprises you about where he’s at now?

NICK WECHSLER: Well, I don’t think being a cop was ever a dream of his.

If we get them together, then you’re like, “Oh, they’re together! ” It’s just not as interesting as making people pine for that.

I think it’s the right move, for however long the show goes, to have them maybe only ever get together at the end, or if they get together, have it not work out, for some reason, and not because they’re incompatible.

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With the return of David Clarke, Jack will interact with him.

He might have still had some means of paying people off, but if Jack had become a cop to go after the guy who had freshly killed his wife and brother, it would have been his version of what Emily is doing, except the legal way.

But then, Greyson became a politician and was just as untouchable as when he was rich, or even more so.

He might also do it, if he knew someone was coming after her. What can you say about your partnership with Brian Hallisay’s character, and how he’s fit into the show, as an actor? I wish that was some improv that reflects how well he and I get along, which would probably be good for this kind of relationship because he’s my partner and we’ve gotta convey that he and I work together, all day, every day.

What was it like to put on the uniform and see yourself in it? It would have been cool to reflect how seamlessly he’s blended in.

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