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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a widely used analytical method for such measurements, in which a solution of the sample is introduced into the high temperature environment of inductively coupled plasma.The plasma atomizes the sample and then ionizes the atoms (isotopes).The SPECTRO MS ICP MS sets new standards for fully simultaneous analysis, simple operation and highest reliability.The ICP-MS with precision and accuracy With the tremendous readout of its G3 ion detector, the SPECTRO MS ICP MS instrument achieves excellent detection limits and excellent precision and accuracy.The ICP-MS with maximum flexibility With the SPECTRO MS ICP MS, storage of the data for the complete mass spectrum enables unprecedented flexibility regarding method development and makes it possible to later determine elements in a sample even when the sample no longer exists.The ICP-MS with isotope ratio analysis SPECTRO MS is the first ICP MS (ICP mass spectrometer) to be able to fully simultaneously determine not only the element contents, but also the isotope ratios in the entire mass range from Li to U.Today’s instruments often suffer from the limitation of measuring at best only a narrow mass range.Others work with a pulsed ion beam, limiting the sensitivity and the dynamic working range.

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Instrument technology has evolved to reduce these problems, but until now the majority of ICP-MS instruments have relied on scanning to a greater or lesser extent, and its attendant problems.Elemental analysis of an object found in the course of an investigation can yield valuable clues to its origin and history.The object itself may, however, need to be presented as evidence, so any technique used for this analysis should ideally be non-destructive.Elemental analysis and the measurement of the ratio of their isotopes are well established techniques in geochemistry, extensively used for geological dating and for “fingerprinting” rocks, minerals and ceramics.The so-called Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) are widely used as diagnostic indicators, requiring accurate measurements at extremely low concentrations.

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