Law mandating ethanol use 2018

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Short of an outright ban, however, it's important to note that state legislation doesn't necessarily affect the of ethanol-blended fuels.MORE: Flex-Fuel Vehicles And E85: Why Ethanol Isn't Making Its Numbers (Feb 2014) Some states that don't mandate the sale of ethanol may even support it with incentives, or by purchasing "flex-fuel" vehicles for official use.

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And some states--including Minnesota, Missouri, and Oregon--have exemptions for premium gasoline, or for fuel used in older vehicles.

This notification timeframe allows agencies to request information on UST compatibility before the owner or operator stores the fuel.

Owners and operators must also demonstrate UST system compatibility and maintain records of compliance from the implementing agency for as long as the UST is used to store the fuel. Department of Energy Phone: (202) 586-5000 national RFS Program was developed to increase the volume of renewable fuel that is blended into transportation fuels.

Over the last decade-plus, a total of 14 states have reportedly tried to pass ethanol mandates, but apparently a 50-percent success rate is the best advocates can muster.

ALSO SEE: Adding Ethanol To Gasoline May Boost Global Oil Use: Study Two states passed ethanol mandates that were later repealed: Florida repealed its law in 2013, while Hawaii did away with its own rule earlier this year.

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