Gay dating in austrailia

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The ACT Homosexual Law Reform Society, a humanist organisation based in Canberra which was formed in mid 1969; and an Australian arm of the Daughters of Bilitis, which formed in Melbourne in January 1970, are considered Australia's first gay rights organisations. P.), which was founded in Sydney in June 1970 that was to galvanise the early gay rights movement in Australia.

However, it was a Sydney organisation, the Campaign Against Moral Persecution (C. John Ware and Christobell Poll announced the formation of an organisation called CAMP in an article on the front page of the magazine section of The Australian newspaper on 19 September 1980.

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The first demonstration took place in October 1971 outside the Liberal Party headquarters in Sydney when a right-wing Christian fundamentalist stood against Tom Hughes for pre-selection.

Lesbianism was never illegal in Britain nor its colonies, including Australia.

Sodomy laws, however, were part of Australian law, from 1788 through to 1994 under Human Rights (Sexual Conduct) Act 1994.

In 1972, the Dunstan Labor government introduced a consenting adults in private type defence in South Australia.

This defence was later introduced as a bill by Murray Hill, father of former Defence Minister Robert Hill, In 1975, South Australia became the first state or territory to legalise sexual conduct between males.

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