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So the Basic Bitch that’s been taken and warped from her original hip-hop origins — I’ve seen her before, in different iterations.Puddy from Seinfeld appears in a Comedy Central skit, diagnosing a poor ordinary suburban-looking white girl as a “Basic Bitch.” She wears a big scarf, and her hair is gently waved.And another thing I notice, in these lists, and my own feeling about the words “Basic Bitch” – how woefully unaware I am these days about brand names, although when I was in my twenties I think I was more tuned in.Last week, I clicked on a link in Facebook and read a listicle of tasteful tattoos – little hearts and birds, sparrows, dandelions – all passing the basic-girl litmus test.She gets what she wants, usually, without a lot of fuss.

Casual sex - it's quite popular these days, and many have come to realise that no strings hookups are much better than romantic relationships.I don’t like the nastiness behind the words Basic Bitch, the bad taste it leaves in my mouth, like Stevia.She isn’t aware of the power she wields, because she is too oblivious.But the Basic Girl, when she is white and privileged and listicled – she is whimsical, almost.He would often put on a high falsetto to mimic the way I giggled or talked.

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