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Moreover, this volume also contains the article authored by Augustine Dumont, who could not attend the meeting in Udine for personal reasons, and the essay written together by Jèssica Jaques and the famous chef-artist Ferran Adrià. Adrià, who has been kind enough to give the journal such a precious personal research contribution, which enriches the section Percorsi, devoted to the topic of Gustatory Aesthetics, today more than ever riding high thanks to EXPO 2015, whose core theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

The articles in this issue of Co SMo explore possible ways to understand the specific qualities of aesthetics, its areas of application, its relationship with the practices of artistic production, aesthetic enjoyment, and critical interpretation.

In general, this commitment of art to truth or truths characterizes much of the avant-garde art.

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9 ALESSANDRO BERTINETTO Introduction Precarious, however, are today also the discourse and the enjoyment of art. For the monument is a kind of event that produces new forms of social bonds, at least in the sense of the birth of new meeting spaces.8 ALESSANDRO BERTINETTO Introduction secondly, the emergence of new potential areas of aesthetic enjoyment (like cooking and food appreciation).In the historico-philosophical essay that opens the section FOCUS and introduces the topic ( The Lost Experience of Art ), Federico Vercellone argues that our modern aesthetic experience of artworks has lost the synesthetic and erotic dimension that characterized the aesthetic object as provided with the beauty defined by Alexander Baumagrten perfectio sensitiva, that is able to make us appreciate the completeness of the world.On the other hand, and as a consequence of this, the systematic consideration of the single arts reflects the abstract spider s web of the world it is part of.This, Vercellone elaborates, reflects how the different spheres of our lives become more and more abstract, giving rise to what Max Weber called the disenchantment of the world.

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