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So i called customer service spoke to some guy named roy or some [censor] and he was so rude, unproffessional, honestly i dont know how he got the job there.

But he didnt help at all and he [censor]ed up my account intentionally.

If the applicant is unable to effectively make the application themselves (typically for mental disability reasons), a 'responsible person' may make and sign an application for them [Reg s.26(4); Act s.2 "applicant"].

Some however may obtain ODSP eligibility on categorical grounds (see Ch.2, s.8: "Claimants: Substitutes for PWD Status").

The same applies to homeless applicants, who should apply to the office closest to the area where they usually are.As such income levels [Ch.7], asset levels [Ch.8] and other basic categorical issues [Ch.2" "Claimants", and Ch.6: "Information Eligibility"] must satisfy the eligibility requirements before a medical "package" will even be issued to the applicant.This sequence can result in prejudice to an applicant when non-medical eligibility disputes arise and the Director refuses to issue the medical "package" until they are resolved - thus delaying "completion" of the application (which in turn conditions any eventual "date of grant").Another greedy company who doesn't care for anyone's difficulties and at least trying to be cooperative, but it has to go both ways, not just one way.Worst loan place I have ever experienced, I have been loyally going to them for cash loans monthly for about 6 months, When I get a loan I agree for them to the money out on the 20th when i get baby bonus, The past 4 months they have been taking it out on the 26th saying that they automatically give the customer 5 days extra as a courtesy for people using baby bonus, I have told them for me it isnt a courtesy and just more stressful because I won't have money in my bank after the 20th, They have told me that they would take that off and from now on it would come out the 20th and they gave me my 45 dollar NSF fee back and took off the 40 dollar late fee, The next month they still didn't take it out on the 20th so i called and complained 3 days later, the lady basically told me thats my fault and i still have to pay it and it would come out the 26th, i told her it wouldn't be in there and that i would like them to give me my NSF fee back again that they will be causing me, she basically told me no and too bad for me, how is that legal for them to take money out of my bank a day I have not agreed too?

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