Dating a girl who has a boyfriend

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HER: [Doesn’t matter what she says – it’s usually “Oh, really? ”] CAJUN: You’re now responsible for my backup plan – to meet the second most beautiful and interesting and cool woman in [CITY].

I’ll still be crying into my pillow for months that you’re taken, but I guess with therapy I’ll be able to move on. Either she’ll go meet that blonde for you, or (more likely) she’ll come with you when you approach her.

She later responded with that she wasn’t trying to be rude and that she kinda has a thing with a guy and that he doesn’t like it when she talks to other guys.

I told her I understood and it’s been about a week, and I really want to talk to her.

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There are basically three reasons why I wanted to be able to distinguish the girls who are in a relationship from the ones who haven’t seen a dick in months without actually asking them.It comes across as playful and lightly teasing in a sweet way instead of creepy. I’ve had married and attached women get me the girl with me hardly doing any work myself.Your tone should convey both sincerity and that you know you’re being slightly ridiculous at the same time. One of our bootcamp clients picked up a magazine model in New York City after his instant-wing-woman kept telling Ms.This shows her that you are used to how hot women act , that this isn’t your first rodeo, and that you’re not intimidated.If she actually has a boyfriend, she’ll bring him up again. [Continue conversation] Wait for her to laugh or playfully hit your arm or whatever and then carry on with a new thread.

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