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By 2013 Vue had increased to the size of 143 cinemas.

This ideal scenario, where the cinema enthusiasts own more than the faceless corporations, unfortunately couldn’t last forever.

UK-based teams handling the cash would surely be better for the industry in this country, one can’t help but feel.

The Reputation: As a younger franchise, Vue arguably hasn’t had time to suffer the same backlash that befell Odeon recently.

In July 2016, Terra Firma sold Odeon and UCI to Planet Earth's biggest cinema operator Dalian Wanda, a company which is owned by China's richest man Wang Jianlin.

Dalian Wanda also owns American cinema chain AMC Theatres, which Odeon is now a subsidiary of.

The iconic name followed soon after when the first bona fide Odeon Cinema – with the Odeon name supposedly intended as an acronym for Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation as well as a reference to Greek theatre - opened in 1930, again in the West Midlands (this one being in Perry Barr).

The reputation: With over 120 cinemas under its belt in the UK alone, many of which are so big they warrant an on-site Costa and/or Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream kiosk alongside the usual snack-vending options, it’s fair to say Odeon has the reputation of a whopping juggernaut of a business.

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