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This website has been able to identify 63 projects that received an EU subsidy or grant in the past decade, and another five public procurement projects, related to CCS.But, as of 2017, the EU has zero CCS demonstration plants. The biggest chunk went to recipients of the European Energy Programme for Recovery, set up in 2009, during the financial and economic crisis. Within five years, three of the projects – in Germany, Poland, and Italy – had been terminated, while the others, in Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands, had been considerably delayed."I'm happy it's cancelled because it was not a good project," said Helseth.The CO2 capturing would apply to a coal-fired power plant, which, Helseth said, might not even have a long life.The six projects funded under the European Energy Programme for Recovery were all focused on the power sector.It is somewhat unclear how much money will be spent.

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It’s not such a novel idea these days – that we can influence the way the world works, through the way we spend our money. So that’s it really, I’m a hippie, I run a business (a social enterprise) to bring change to the world.

My interest is the next Industrial Revolution, how to live without burning up the planet.

I built my first windmill in 96 after a five year battle with all comers – NIMBY’s, bigots, planners, big power companies, you name it – and went to Kyoto in 97. I’m after change, by empowering people to bring it about themselves.

The idea for example, that you can fight Climate Change with your electricity bill, use your need for electricity to bring about new clean sources of it – sustainable ones.

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