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'My only regret is she was never held totally to account for the misery she caused to the former cult children,' detective de Man recently told The Age.'I have no sympathy for the woman I consider the most evil person I ever met in my police career.' Director of the upcoming documentary, Rosie Jones, said she hopes the film will start a fresh public discussion about the sect.'There's an urgency for this story to be told.

Surviving sect members are in their 70s and 80s, and at 96, Anne lives in a suburban nursing home behind a veil of dementia,' she said.'As we've seen with the emotional response to the Government's apology to relinquishing mothers and the Stolen Generations, it is an empowering experience to have your story told and acknowledged in public.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the glamorous, charismatic and delusional leader of the notorious Australian sect dubbed The Family.

One of the very few female cult leaders, she convinced herself and up to 500 followers she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

There were certainly few doubts in the mind of Carolyn Woods the evening she met up with a handsome financier calling himself Mark Conway.

It was beautiful - it was lovely to see.'Asked why she imprisoned 28 children over two decades, she responded: 'I love children.' Born as Evelyn Edwards in Sale in rural Victoria in 1921, Hamilton-Byrne barely knew her father and her mother was mentally ill.

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