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You need lots of luck to see a panther in the rainforest!

That’s why scientists need to place hundreds of camera traps that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the panthers’ habitat.

Yes, we needed the “technology” of sticky-tack [adhesive putty]!

The camera traps take color photos of panthers when their sensors detect certain light levels.

The Malay Peninsula is home to the largest population in the world of black panthers.

Some believe that black panthers are better concealed than lighter-colored leopards in the dense canopies of the region’s rainforests.

For them and all the species of the jungle, we’re very concerned about the loss of rainforests to oil palm and rubber plantations. We’re focusing on monitoring black panthers’ population trends, and assisting the Malaysian government in improving rainforest protection programs and anti-poaching law enforcement efforts.

To find out more about black panthers south of Kra, I caught up with Clements as he came out of the rainforest. What’s the difference between a black panther and a black leopard?This population crash would have created what’s called a founder effect, whereby the genes of these few individuals, or founders, would have been passed on to their offspring. How significant is the ecological transition zone that exists at the Malay Peninsula’s northern end, the Isthmus of Kra?The Isthmus of Kra, which is only 44 kilometers [27.4 miles] long at its narrowest point, is where a transition between Indochinese and Sundaic fauna occurs, linked with a change from moist deciduous forest in the north to wet evergreen rainforest toward the Malay Peninsula in the south.Finding black-as-night animals in a dense jungle isn’t easy, however.The panthers’ color obscures the spotted pattern common to all leopards, making it almost impossible to identify individual panthers.

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