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You may also benefit by only accessing the Internet from public sites that place restrictions on your usage.

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Listen without criticizing or interrupting, even when you don’t agree with the behavior.

Try to understand what the addiction is like from the addict’s point of view, and be consistent by ensuring that your words agree with your actions.

For example, don’t say that you think someone has an Internet addiction and then play an online game with that person.

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A study appearing in a 2009 issue of Cyberpsychology and Behavior reports that 25 percent of Internet user met that study’s criteria for Internet addiction within the first six months of use.The American Medical Association decided in 2006 that it would not recommend that Internet addiction be included in the DSM-V, saying further study was needed.This includes a specific definition of overuse that differentiates Internet addiction from problems such as self-medicating for other disorders.You should also tell your family members about your addiction so they can help you.It’s particularly difficult to deal with an Internet addiction when you need to use the Internet for work or school.

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