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This new spin-off, Anno Online, is going to be a city-building title combined with strategy elements.

Starting from scratch, you will occupy an island, develop the economy, and colonize other islands that provide with distinctive resources.

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It takes several days to complete the construction of a cathedral. But the premium currency offers few advantages beyond that – most of the items you could purchase are cosmetics only.

With the easy accessibility, reminiscent graphics and classic gameplay, Anno Online is expected to appeal to aficionados of city-building games.

Nonetheless, it remains unknown whether it will be as popular as The Settlers Online, which now has over 2 million active players worldwide.

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The classic Anno will soon be free-to-play in web browsers.

But that is optional and you can always choose to trade with friends for the resources you need.

Five islands will be available while four additional ones would be opened up for premium players only.

Anno Online Description: Anno Online is a free-to-play Strategy simulation game from Ubisoft.

It takes the features of the Anno series into browser-based form and lets players build and develop large medieval cities.

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