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I got on an airplane and sat in a car for almost three hours to have access to this feeling.

There a hundred little things that make this magical — the way it feels to go for an intrepid hike in the woods without the sense that I am being judged for my speed or what my body looks like while I’m climbing or running or breathing heavily; the way it feels when I can eat without worrying that someone is watching me and gaining a sense of superiority from witnessing my consumption; how nice it feels when everyone around you has a double chin; the inside jokes; the intimacy. It takes considerable resources – financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual – to be able to access these spaces.

I had unconsciously put together the most conservative outfit I’d worn in four days.

I was dressing defensively for my re-entry into the thincentric world.

We would all be closer because of our shared experience, but our secret would remain safely sealed in the past forever after we left our idyllic, sweat-soaked sojourn in the wilderness.

My mind conjured images of scenes from the 1961 film .

I relish the opportunity to be complex, relaxed, sexy, smart, disarmed, and — above all — comfortable, but I don’t live in a culture that affords me that.

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The plywood frame is rotting and needs to be replaced, along with the plexiglass that covers it. My mother would bring us to visit friends of hers who live there. It's a normal-sized mobile home park on a private lake surrounded by trees, designed to be a place of refuge for people who enjoy the nudist lifestyle.

Likewise, I realized how much I longed for that space in my life.

I imagined how much room I’d have spiritually and intellectually if I didn’t have to spend part of every day trying to defensively navigate fatphobia.

I was not even allowed to walk by myself to the mailbox 400 feet from my front door.

They wanted to protect me from harm, but they didn’t see the soul-crushing reality of the culture they extoled.

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