Adolescent dating tips

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Saying that they're grounded for a month (or longer) is not going to work. One of the most important aspects of an adolescent's life is being part of the social scene; going out with their friends and not feeling like they've missed anything.So no matter how strict you are, your young person will find a way to sneak out and go where they please. You cannot just threaten to take away your disrespectful adolescent’s cell phone; if the behavior continues, you actually have to do it.As much as this sounds like bribery, adolescents will react positively when they realize there is something in it for them.

If your disrespectful adolescent is attempting to engage you in an argument or trying to get his or her way on something, firmly and quietly repeat your decision, then let them know you will not continue the conversation, and walk away.

Below are some highly effective techniques you can start implementing that will greatly diminish disrespectful behavior.

While not all of these strategies will work in every situation or with every teenager, most parents who have practiced the following techniques report significant improvements in their child’s general attitude and behavior: 1.

You can't expect an adolescent to be open with you if you go out of your way to be sneaky or nosy in their personal life. Often, as moms and dads, you might feel as though you are obligated to remain engaged with your adolescent no matter what.

If you want to win their trust, sometimes it's the little things that count, such as knocking before you enter their room or not interrupting them if they're on the phone. Whether you feel you have to have the last word or you have to keep pushing until your adolescent acknowledges your point, you may be suffering through more disrespectful behavior than you need to.

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